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People around the world have been consuming more meat, fewer fruits, and vegetables since last few decades, and it has led to a significant increase in the incidence of chronic illnesses today.

Consuming more and more meat is adversely affecting your health.

If there is a large painting in the museum and you look at it from a very short distance (closely), you would not be able to see the entire picture. On the contrary, if you step back and look at the painting from some distance taking a broad view, you would realize what the picture is.

If the belief that eating more meat for health has actually made us unhealthy, then one should step back and take a broad view from a distance. It means one should review previous long-term epidemiological studies and work of prominent medical researchers which were carried out at various places around the world. There are many interesting large studies which tell us about the effect of the food we eat on our health. There are strong scientific pieces of evidence to support benefits of plant-based whole food diet in prevention and reversal of chronic disease.

Scientific Studies

Scientific Studies

Some key scientific studies and work of many medical researchers that established the health benefits of plant based whole food diet and lifestyle are elaborated here

Plant Based Diet Vs Animal Based Diet

Plant Based Diet Vs Animal Based Diet

If you want to know what science says, what researchers have found about a plant-based diet and animal-based diet, and which is good for a healthy lifestyle, then you want to read this article.

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