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Having helped patients and the participants of his health course for several years Dr. Sant realized that inspiration is the most important factor. Though, inspiration is an individual matter there are also some proven methods that give successful outcome. These methods are explained with examples in decreasing order or effectiveness
  • Method 1

    Give the reason to self for waking up in the morning. Females in Okinawa, Japan which is the group that is the longest living group in the world have the common word “ikigai” which simply translates as “Why we wake up”. They regard that having inspiration refers to the value and meaning of living. Two words, value and meaning. Value means how we spend the day to be worthy for ourselves, others around us and the world. Meaning means do we know why we were born, what we should do, where do we go after death or do we develop the soul according to the religious belief in this life. One of Dr. Sant’s patients had Major Depressive Disorder and Diabetes. He agreed that he will adapt the food and exercise to stop using medicine for diabetes to avoid Dementia which is a complication of diabetes. However, this patient has problem with exercise. He told that every morning, his hands and fingers twist and he is too lazy to do exercise. He kept thinking about the excuse for not doing exercise such as it was a gloomy day or it might rain. However, his aim is to live till 80 years old to see the success of his little grandchild. Thus, he wakes up with this aim and forces himself to get out of bed and do some exercise every single day. He is successful to do so.

    In terms of medical area, there is the information stating that for people to have the standpoint for self how they should live their life meaningfully, it relates to the good health. One research found that to live meaningfully based on religious belief led to a happier life with less risk of Dementia, acute myocardial infarction, paralysis and decreasing mortality rate of the elderly in the community. Telling oneself the reason to wake up is easy and so simple that others may find it ridiculous such as living to stay with grandchild, to be beautiful or handsome, to be healthy for snow tour or to surprise the friends in the next reunion party.

  • Method 2

    Buddy up - having friend will set up the common intention and appointment for activities. One will feel uncomfortable to miss the appointment so it has a chance of success rather than to do it by self.

  • Method 3

    Make the activity as the non-negotiable such as give higher priority to exercise over brushing the teeth. If one wakes up and does not yet exercise, he cannot brush the teeth so he cannot start the daily routine.

  • Method4

    Rearrange time management - Have time for self instead of to others or to work. Manage to have time for physical and mental health at least one hour a day or 3-4 hours for the retired person.

  • Method5

    Change the health activities to become fun activities or integrate them to the favorite activities such as dancing or cycling. If getting bored with the old activity, try to find the new one without having the gap because of boredom. Make the searching for new activities become the creative thing.

  • Method6

    Change idea and taste from the audience that gives round of applause to become the performer or from the scared person to be the sport man. When one’s idea changes, it affects the action eventually.

  • Method7

    At the beginning, try to push oneself to get tired from one activity, at least being tired till cannot do anything else. At that stage, the body will relax in the end and release endorphin to make oneself feels good. Keep that feeling to encourage oneself to do the next exercise.

  • Method8

    During the days that oneself stops exercising for several days, the body and mind will feel worst. Keep this feeling to force oneself when being lazy to exercise.

  • Method9

    Imaging how beautiful or handsome and charming the person will be. Look at the model and imagine oneself being the same frequently.

  • Method10

    Change the books or magazines regularly read. If the person would like to eat vegetable so read the book about vegetable cooking, to exercise so read fitness magazine or access exercise website and blog of sport man. The foreigners are successful with this method.

  • Method11

    Create health record by taking photograph while doing health activity on Facebook or Instagram. For the person who loves writing, create a blog to write about self-health care to share to others.

  • Method12

    Pay for health by buying fitness course, register to health course in order to adjust and change lifestyle.

  • Method13

    Hire someone to motivate us such as hire fitness trainer to encourage and motivate us. At least, we will not want to waste the money if we are not going to use the service.

  • Method14

    Absorb motivation from the others and listen to the other’s success.

  • Method15

    Apply the health dishes of Harvard. Check your plate before eating whether it has the good combination or not: half plate with vegetable and fruits, ¼ of unpolished grain and ¼ of protein. Do not eat if there is less than half plate of vegetable and fruits until you fill it up.

  • Method16

    Join internet forum in healthy group, healthy food club or exercise club.

  • Method17

    Reward yourself after the success such as the reward for completing exercise for the whole week.

  • Method18

    Trick yourself with the smaller size of clothes.

  • Method19

    Spend money to buy smart, expensive and cool equipment, clothes, sneakers.

  • Method20

    Relax yourself with healthy activity such as after the stress, relax yourself with exercise or meditation, yoga or Taichi.

  • Method21

    Set the health activity time to match with personal time. Being with self is the happy moment so we should to health activity at that time.

  • Method22

    Doing exercise during watching TV is better than just sitting and watching.

  • Method23

    Take a photo “before” to compare with the “after” in the imagination.

  • Method24

    Make yourself a role model in health care to instruct others such as child/children or friends which is called teach to learn technique. If we want to teach someone, we should have done it first.

  • Method25

    Participate in Marathon campaign for practising.

  • Method26

    Post a motto to motivate at the visible area.

  • Method27

    Buy the book about exercise technique.

  • Method28

    In case of failure, talk to yourself frequently with love and sympathy. Do not blame or satire yourself but cheer up.

  • Method29

    Weigh once a week only. Use the weight to motivate to change health behaviour both eating and exercising behaviour.

  • Method30

    When do some exercise and the body is changing, there will be the admiration. Remember it to encourage yourself when getting lazy.

  • Method31

    If you are discourage, try to find the way to do hard exercise as you are in the battlefield to activate adrenalin rush. Then, you will be recharged.

  • Method32

    When the attempt fails, punish yourself with what you do not want to do such as call your boss to confess your guilt.

  • Method33

    Hypnotize or mesmerize yourself while there is no interruption/disruption from outside.

  • Method34

    Shut down all kinds of screen such as TV, computer, smartphone, and out to do exercise.

  • Method35

    Always create the new activity plan.

  • Method36

    Make new friends and get close to ones who have high motivation and stay away from the discouraged one.

  • Method37

    If any one complains about our weight, challenge him that if we can loss the weight, how much he pay us per kilogram. It is a kind of creating motivation.

  • Method38

    Do not be greedy. Start with the small thing today before the TV show such as 10 push-up./p>

  • Method39

    &Change from the negative person to positive person, be proud and recognize of what you have, not what you do not have and tell yourself how lucky you are.

  • Method40

    Challenge yourself with new statics.

  • Method41

    Prepare equipment for exercise and place in the visible and outstanding place to be grabbed easily.

Group motivation

Creating group motivation is different from self-motivation because it has the specific dynamic. Gathering in group intentionally helps to build motivation to others. Finally, we have double motivation. This is the power we cannot do by ourselves. Group consists of two persons. The following is the principles of crating group motivation.

  • 1 One who is going to build motivation to other should have the motivation first. He should be the first arrival, enthusiastic, positive and always have good news to the group. He has loyalty to the group. If no one has motivation, the group will fail.
  • 2 Motivation cannot happen without clear goal. It is like the sport team that not participates in the competition and the team members do not practice. Thus, the goal is necessary.
  • 3 Motivation is not last but needs the ongoing encouragement. Group or team should frequently meet up, not once a year. They have to meet, analyze strengths and weakness and set the plan. The motivation is on today, but not exactly tomorrow. Everyone needs to understand oneself and the other, give each other a chance and support the team.
  • 4 Motivation will be high if the members recognize the value of each other (recognition). People will dedicate themselves to be accepted so the acceptance culture should be created.
  • 5 Participation creates motivation to the members to take part, ask question, give opportunity to express to create motivation. Everyone may be forced to propose idea and create innovation together.
  • 6 To see the progress of group or team it helps to create inspiration. Learning from the past failure and focusing on the progress. Choose the concrete indicator to show progress and present to the members and share the success of the group.
  • 7 Challenges build the inspiration if there is the possibility to win. The too high goal may destroy motivation. Give the great thing to the members that when they complete it, it builds the motivation.
  • 8 All members has the clue to build motivation. Find that clue and light it up.
  • 9 Sense of belonging is one types of motivation. The smaller group creates higher sense of belonging and loyalty.
  • 10 Common activities create group motivation. Extracurricular activities should be provided to have people gather together.
  • 11 The leader who is good at motivating people will lead the group to be successful.
  • 12 Apply extrinsic motivator such as money, acceptance from friend, points, reward or intrinsic motivator such as happiness, personal goal, merit, learning and good health.