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Although you may not be suffering from a disease in the present, it doesn’t rule out the possibility of future illness. The best way to stay safe is adjusting your lifestyle. You shouldn’t wait for the symptoms to appear, because chances are, it’ll be too late.

Severe diseases such as a heart disease can take up to decades for its symptoms to show up. A research on the autopsy of young American soldiers who died in a war was conducted. It was found that nearly all of them had atherosclerosis at a serious stage, while some had a significant level of constriction in some coronary arteries.

Thus, just because a person looks normal, it does not necessarily mean he/she has no disease.

A research was conducted to find factors which can support people to be healthy and have a higher quality of life. It also surprisingly revealed that people who had overcome chronic diseases had done so not because of medicine, but because of four other factors which could often be overlooked –

1. Eating food that has vegetables cooked without oil and can be considered natural foods, which are organic, unpolished, and unextracted. These are a part of what is known as whole food, plant-based diet.

2. Exercising or at least having a routine which involves more physical activities and moving around all day.

3. Having good stress management skills and taking sufficient rest.

4. Having good company and social support is necessary. Helping others is a great way to help yourself as well.

All this requires a complete change in lifestyle, which can only be done by the individual. The two factors which help in this aspect are - a) Creating inspiration b) Self-adjustment Theory