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Support group has mechanisms or special powers which benefits its members. It cannot happen if a member is alone or does not join a group. The support group has mechanisms leading to many benefits as below-

Support group brings people together in a group and gives them an opportunity to communicate their feelings and emotions. People who have the same problem or same destiny have “specific emotions” that only people suffering from the same problem, can be aware of and can share with each other.Other people who are closer to the patient such as husband, wife, or parents but who do not suffer from the same disease or destiny may not understand the “specific emotions” and may not reciprocate them. Therefore, the support group is an emotional group which gives strength and positivity.

The support group creates an atmosphere where members are encouraged to vent displeasure or suppressed emotion about destiny that they have faced because all others have the same destiny. No one thinks that such displeasure or emotion is a weak point which can’t be disclosed to others. However, this atmosphere will happen only when there is no influence of outside people (such as a physician or therapist) or interventions.

It is a home supporting members’ minds. Because humans are social animals, and have a herd instinct, they do not feel lonely and feel secure when they know others face same problem as them. This feeling is a power. However, when they suffer from some diseases or destiny which is unlike other people or they became persons who have some weak points in the eyes of others, they normally do not want to talk openly to others who have not faced the same destiny or even have a conversation with others as they feel they will not understand. It may give them a feeling that they are alone, lonely which is not reassuring.Therefore, the support group has the mechanisms which can generate power or regenerate warmth to members.

It is a place for producing inspiration. The support group has the mechanisms which produce inspiration in members that they can do anything for themselves. There are 2 mechanisms as follows:

The 1st mechanism : One member is a role model for other members. In Sociology, cheering a person to do something new, good, or difficult which results in the best outcome is an example of the role model. When one member has succeeded, he/she is the role model or the example for the other members producing the power or energy to do the same thing.

The 2nd mechanism : is the power of kindness. When members know and interact with each other, by nature of being social animals, they are kind to each other. This kindness causes inspiration in 2 models as below;

  1. The 1st model is a desire for teaching which leads to learning. They want to help their friends, so they try to teach them. An effort to teach others results in the need to find out information leading to deeper level of knowledge or skills to solve their problems better.
  2. The 2nd model is a desire for learning which leads to teaching. They are considerate of their friends or they want to return the kindness of their friends who have tried to teach them. The effort to learn from others results in getting knowledge or skills for solving their problems better and getting new knowledge or skills for teaching others who they want to help as well.

It is a source of learning and skill development. The atmosphere of support group encourages learning and skill development in specific subject which is a common problem of all the members. It is the sharingof new things with others and demonstration from an outside expert who is invited.

It is realizing to empower. To see other friends who are able to take care of themselves on their own results in the other members who have never thought that they have the potential to take care of themselves and have self-confidence and realize that self-care is the best. This realization is an important fundamental which is used as a power for taking care of members themselves further.