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Eating diet pills without knowing the drug names.

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Eating diet pills without knowing the drug names.  Feel afraid, but still take it.
An obese person who has been prescribed a drug without specifying what drugs they are receiving, this could be considered that the physician has broken the law against Health Facility Act and Medical Profession Act. But there is more important things to learn rather than the diet pills for those who want to lose weight in long term that should be studied as followed    

The first point. Nowadays, the evidence showed that there is no medication that provide sustainable cure for obesity. There is only one medication that the US Food and Drug Administration has approved for use in adolescents, Olistat (Xenical), which suppresses the absorption of dietary fat within the gut. The disadvantage is to diminish body’s ability to absorb fat-soluble vitamins and may cause fat to be slipped out as oily discharge from anus. Hence, unpopular in some groups of people. 

All other weight loss medications are anorectic drugs. Once taken, appetite reduced. These medications are approved for only the short-term management of obesity. But problem losing weight is a long term problem. These anorectic drugs need to be used with dietary control measures such as Sibutramine (Reductil®) which produces its therapeutic effects by inhibition of neurotransmitters and the sympathomimetic drugs such as phentermine (Panbesy®), phendimetrazine (Bontril®), benzphetamine (Didrex®) etc. Any drugs other than these are all illegal drugs. Strictly don’t use them, which are
1.    Amphetamine and methamphetamine also known as “Yaba”  
2.    Thyroid or thyroid extracts which are drugs that causes hyperthyroidism, abnormal skinny.
3.    Phenmetrazine has been withdrawn from the market and prohibited it used as it affect heart valve function and may lead to death.  
4.    Dinitrophenol is prohibited as it may cause cataracts and neuronal degeneration.
5.    Rainbow pill is prohibited as it may cause death from an irregular heartbeat.
6.    Aminorex is prohibited as it may cause pulmonary hypertension.
7.    Fluoxetine is an antidepressant, not approved for use in overweight or obesity management.  
8.    Mazindol is prohibited as it may cause neuronal symptoms such as seizures.
9.    Phenylpropanolamine is prohibited as it may cause paralysis.
10.    Methylphenidate is not approved for obesity management.  
11.    Ephedrine is not approved for obesity management as it may stimulates the heart to work too hard.
12.    Topiramate is the anticonvulsants, not approved for obesity management.  
13.    Rimonabant is not approved for use because of insufficient safety information.    

The second point No drug, but choosing other ways to lose weight which are 
1.    Controlling nutrition to reduce calories
2.    Exercise to burn calories
3.    Behavior changes esp. those that cause obesity
4.    Psychological management to build inspiration and earnest intention. 

Finally, it is important to understand that obesity is a personal problem. The best way is to see a nutritionist or endocrinologist who specialized in obesity management and a doctor who clearly reveals the name of the drug and treatment processes to diagnose what is the cause of obesity, what are the food eaten each day?, what kind of activity level have been done?, Are there any sign of depression?, Is there any hormonal cause?, How many obese people are in the family? Because obesity is hereditary. And importantly be sure to ask yourself, in what degree is your intention to lose weight?

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Eating diet pills without knowing the drug names.

Any drugs other than these are all illegal drugs. Strictly don’t use them


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