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Nephrotic syndrome

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Now I have a protein leaked into urine. The urine was examined and found to have a lot of protein leakage (4+) and very high cholesterol and triglycerides. Therefore would like to give an information and ask.    
1.    Currently, I’m 17 years old with 52 kg weight and 164 cm height. 
2.    Normal menstruation cycle.
3.    I have edema every day and gradually getting worse day by day.
4.    Currently, I’m taking 4 medications
Prednisolone 5 mg 12 tablets after breakfast (I’m really worried about drug’s side effect)
Imuran 50 mg 1 tablet each after breakfast and dinner, total of 2 tablets a day.
Furetic 1 tablet after breakfast and lunch
Aldactone 25 mg 2 tablets after breakfast
5.    Hemoglobin is a little low, but the albumin is very low, around 1.7-1.9.

The question is how to reduce the swelling of the legs? Because now I have to go to school and take extra tutorial class. It’s so inconvenient for me.

1.    Body mass index of 19.3 is within the normal range, therefore, the swelling is not caused by obesity.
2.    This symptom is caused by the disease, nephrotic syndrome which is not related to swelling from menstruation.
3.    Swelling is cause by the condition of less protein in the blood, causing the blood to lose osmotic pressure needed to retain water within the blood vessel, protein is then leaked outside the blood vessels.There are two ways to fix it:
3.1    Add protein to the body by eating extra protein.
3.2    Treat kidney leakage which doctor will take care of this for you.

4.    It's important to supplement protein. The general population consumes about 0.45 - 0.8 grams of protein per day per 1 kg body weight,  but in this case, there is a need to supplement the protein by 1-2 g per 1 kg of body weight.
Therefore, if the body weight is 52 kilograms, it means having to take 104 grams of protein to be enough for reducing swelling. But this doesn’t mean requiring 104 grams of protein will be just like eating 70 grams of eggs and 50 grams of grilled chicken, but we need to calculate protein in the food we eat., e.g. meat have 20% protein, eggs have 12% protein, milk have 3% protein, this means we need to eat up to 500 grams of pork if in that one day we only eat pork alone. But in real life, we eat various kind of foods, so we need to set the menu as follows,
2 pieces of 150g pork steaks = 30g protein × 2 pieces = 60g.
3 eggs = 12 grams of protein × 3 eggs = 36 grams 
1 glass of milk, 240 CC per glass = 7.2 g protein 
Result in protein of 36 + 60 +7.2 = 103.2 g.
If you can eat this much, it can reduce swelling, but if less than this, it will cause swelling.

5.    If you have calculated and thought that you need to eat a lot, you may eat whey protein instead like those bodybuilders do. Because whey powder is high in protein, it can contain up to 90% protein and it is inexpensive; eating 2 spoons will receive up to 50 grams, which make it easier than eating five eggs or 1.6 liters of fresh milk, so this is another way to get a lot of protein without having to eat too much.

You may try to increase your protein intake for 3 months if the swelling has not resolved. You can ask me more.