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Based on highly reliable scientific evidence it is proved that many chronic diseases can be reversed with suitable changes in Diet (Plant based whole food diet) and lifestyle. This is a health program designed for patients who suffer from chronic diseases like heart diseases, hypertension, paralysis, dyslipidemia, diabetes, and obesity. Instead of depending on conventional treatments like the operation, balloon angioplasty, or medicine, patients will learn to focus on taking care of managing and reversing health condition by themselves. 

Focused on empowering patients to take charge of their health condition under supervision of our medical experts, Reverse Disease By Yourself  programs helps participants get educated about cause of disease, effects and side effects of medicines, science behind the benefits of plant based whole food diet and other aspects of lifestyle such as exercise, stress management and group support. Participants will also develop required skills to manage the disease, cooking delicious plant based whole food dishes along with managing the different stages of change in themselves. 

Under the guidance of Dr. Sant Caiyodslip, M.D and Chief Wellness Officer, our participants develop the right attitude and motivation toward living a good quality and happy life.

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