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Modern medicine’s state of knowledge is still far away from being able to cure most cancers. We know that the body’s immune system and healing processes are the most reliable defences against cancer, but today’s cancer treatments aim only to remove cancer cells from the body, without addressing the underlying factors that helped contribute to the mutation of cancer cells, especially stress and anxiety, rocky relationships, hectic lifestyles, diets of junk food, and a lack of life goals or meaning. This Cancer Retreat aims to help patients stop old cancer-promoting habits and adopt a new lifestyle that will empower them with physical and mental energy, so that they may live life to nature’s full potential.
Cancer Retreat concepts are based on a seven-step strategy :

1. Re-think attitudes

Stop being afraid of cancer. Stop thinking of it as the enemy. They are cells which underwent sudden mutations, an event that occurs frequently, only they should usually be destroyed by the immune system. That they’ve spread is an indicator that the body’s status and past lifestyles have not been conducive to the immune system’s functioning, but instead promoted the cancer cells’ growth at the expense of functioning ones. So once you’ve completed modern medical treatment, be it surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy, stop seeking further outside help with no evidence of working. Instead, look inside yourself and rebuild confidence and the energy to revive the body. Fear of cancer is a stress that harms the immune system. Fear causes us to place futile hope on outside help. But inside all of us lies a potential, an energy for healing that needs to be tapped for true self-rehabilitation to occur.

2. Focus on managing stress and anxiety

Stress isn’t something that “happens” to us, but the result of our “reaction” to unfolding events. Even in critical situations, we can choose our responses without being stressed if we know the mindfulness techniques of laying down our thoughts and becoming aware, which will ready us to make rational decisions. Mindfulness meditation, yoga, tai chi—these are all techniques which, when done properly, can help us lay down our thoughts and sense the body’s energy, steps which lead to awareness of the self, a calm state maximising our potential and energy for healing.

3. Be aware, relaxed, and awake

In tai chi, sensing the body’s energies through sensations brings the mind away from its thoughts and to focus on the body’s energies. Yoga’s relaxation techniques bring the body and the mind back to their original state of bliss. These points lead to consciousness, which gives the body positive energy. With consciousness, when the mind is set free and is without thought, it enters a state of being awake, which is its original blissful nature. Here, the outside factors that place stress upon the body through thoughts disappear. The body is in its natural state, the immune system is released from suppression, and the body’s healing processes are able to fully function.

4. Change lifestyles

The Cancer Retreat doesn’t aim to destroy cancer cells, but to restore the body’s internal environment, which had fallen out of balance, allowing cancer to grow, so that it may return to function according to its natural potential. Old ways of thinking and lifestyles detrimental to health need to be changed. Cancer is a warning sign that action must be taken. From cultivating negative influences, change and become a positive force for the body instead. Discard negative thoughts, negative emotions and bad relationships, and start a routine of good things. Give yourself 1–2 hours a day—what we call the morning ritual in this retreat. Spend this time with yourself, with the present. Exercise up to the daily medical recommendation. Practise tai chi, yoga, meditate, and for the rest of the day, live life accepting the present, unconditionally. Make a habit of these four words: thanks, gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion.

5. A varied low-fat, plant-based diet

The retreat focuses on a low-fat, plant-based diet, with no meat, supplementing vitamins as necessary, and highlighting the consumption of varied anti-oxidants. Every day of the retreat, patients will have Trace Elements, a drink prepared from herbal shoots containing hundreds of anti-oxidants, selected according to the cancer treatment regimens of Thai, Indian, Chinese and European traditional medicine. Taken from the herb garden in our farm, the fresh ingredients are blended daily, giving the body its required trace elements and helping the immune system fully recover.

6. Employing all of humanity’s outstanding techniques

Using the scientific concept of modern medicine as its core and supervised by medical doctors, the Cancer Retreat adopts all schools of humanity’s known practices with evidence of not causing harm to aid in the rehabilitation of the body and mind. These include herbs and vegetables of Thai, Indian, Chinese and European traditional medicine planted in our own farm, as well as Thai traditional medicine and Ayurvedic treatment, balanced diets, vitamins and supplements as necessary, and various pain relief methods.

7. Build inspiration through support groups

In addition to creating an environment to help patients inspire themselves, the retreat also features support groups, which employ the special dynamic of groups or teams of people with similar issues helping each other. Joining a group, even with the intention of helping inspire others, will ultimately return the inspiration many times over. This is an energy that cannot be created alone. But inspiration, when created, does not last forever, and needs continuous boosting. The group or team must meet often, giving chances and supporting each other. Groups or teams formed in the retreat will go on to communicate and support each other after the retreat.

Program Details

 We, at Wellness We Care, have conceptualized the program in a manner that you can understand how small changes in your lifestyle and dietary habits can have a big impact on your health.

  • 108:00 - 14:00 : 
    1. Meet with doctor
    2. Register, check in to rooms
    3. Body mass index measurement, blood pressure measurement, heart auscultation & ECG, lung function test, skin exam, creation of personal health record
    4. Physical exam and management planning with doctor (20 minutes each)
    5. Snack and lunch break while rotating for doctor consultation
  • 314:00 - 16:00 : Getting to know each other—introduction and learn about each other’s conditions
  • 416:30 - 17:30 : Tea break
  • 518:30 - 20:30 : Dinner and peer support group activity
  • 106:30 - 08:00 :  
    1. Morning Ritual
    2. Trace Elements drink
    3. Relaxation yoga
    4. Muscle strength training
  • 208:30 - 09:30 : Breakfast & shower
  • 309:30 - 10:30 : Immunity system
  • 410:30 - 11:00 : Coffee break
  • 511:00 - 12:00 : Workshop: Awareness
  • 612:00 - 14:00 : Lunch break
  • 714:00- 15:00 :  Cancer nutrition
  • 815:00 - 15:30 : Workshop: Walking meditation
  • 915:30 - 16:00 : Coffee break
  • 1016:00 - 18:00 : Workshop: Microgreens and sprouts
  • 1118:00 - 20:30 : Dinner & Group activities
  • 106:30 - 08:00 :
    1. Morning Ritual
    2. Trace Elements drink
    3. Tai chi
    4. Body scan & relaxation
    5. Posture and balance exercises
  • 208:00 - 09:30 : Breakfast & shower
  • 309:30 - 10:30 : Workshop: Peer support group activities
  • 410:30 - 11:00 : Coffee break
  • 511:00 - 13:00 : Workshop: Plant-based whole foods cooking
  • 613:00 - 14:00 : Lunch Break
  • 714:00 - 15:00 : Nervous system and stress
  • 815:00 - 16:00 : Coping with pain
  • 916:00 - 16:15 : Coffee break
  • 1016:15 - 18:00 : Workshop: Herb garden tour
  • 1118:00 - 20:30 : Dinner & Group activities
  • 106:30 - 08:00 : 
    1. Morning Ritual
    2. Trace Elements drink
    3. Aerobic exercise
    4. Tai chi ไทชิ
  • 208:00 - 09:30 : Breakfast & shower
  • 309:30 - 10:30 : Living with cancer—Learn from experiences of those who made successful lifestyle changes following cancer.
  • 410:30 - 11:00 : Coffee break
  • 511:30 - 12:00 : Peer-to-peer sharing—Share experiences and techniques of  dealing with thoughts, fears and expectations.
  • 612:00 - 14:00 : Lunch break
  • 714:00 - 16:00 :  Personal consultation—Dr Sant answers questions and provides individual advice, including reviewing lab tests, x-rays and investigations. Other attendees may observe, and share knowledge and experiences.  

Remark: Time table and activities may be changed properly without upfront notice


* This price is all included accommodation, food and basic facilities at the center

** Please acknowledge that the payment is non-refundable.  In case customers cannot attend the program, 14 days upfront announcement is necessary. Customers are allowed to postpone their program to the next without expiration

*** The program has been set minimum no. of bookings. In case less of that amount, it will be automatically postponed to the next with 3 days upfront announcement   


Our GHBY program will be held at the Wellness We Care Center. Located in Muak Lek Valley, the center offers a range of services to boost holistic living. As a participant, you can travel by your own car or van or by train to Muak Lek.
If you are traveling by van, take BTS train and get down at Mo Chit Station. From Mo Chit station, take a bus or taxi to Mo Chit 2 bus terminal and take a van for Muak Lek. There is a van every hour to Muak Lek.
If you are traveling by train, go to Hua Lam-phong station and take a train for Muak Lek.
You can take a taxi from Mauk Lek market to our center.


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