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Based on highly reliable scientific evidence it is proved that many chronic diseases can be reversed with suitable changes in Diet (shifting to Plant based whole food diet) and lifestyle such as exercise, changing lifestyle and stress management This is a health program designed for patients who suffer from chronic diseases like heart diseases, hypertension, paralysis, dyslipidemia, diabetes, and obesity. Instead of depending on conventional treatments like the operation, balloon angioplasty, or medicine, patients will learn to focus on taking care of managing and reversing health condition by themselves.

Dr. Sant Chaiyodslip M.D. will be your personal physician and chaperon, who will train you with all the knowledge and skills you will require to take charge of your health condition.

Focused on empowering patients to take charge of their health condition under supervision of medical experts, RDBY programs helps participants get educated about pathogenesis of disease, effects and side effects of medicines, science behind the benefits of plant based whole food diet and other aspects of lifestyle such as exercise, stress management and group support. Participants will also develop required skills to manage the disease, cooking delicious plant based whole food dishes along with managing the different stages of change in themselves. Participation in program will help patients develop the right attitude and motivation toward living a good quality and happy life.

The participants of this program are needed to stay overnight at the center for twice during 6 months and a close follow-up during by using personal health dashboard on the website (www.wellnesswecare.com) and also by phone and emails. After the first year patients will still be followed up and provided ongoing help using personal dash board as the media between patients and healthcare providers. Suitable health data will also be published in medical science journals for benefit of other patients

Program Details

Reverse Disease By Yourself 

  • 108:00 - 14:00 :  
  • Meet with doctor
  • Register, check in to rooms
  • Body mass index measurement, blood pressure measurement, heart auscultation & ECG, lung function test, skin exam, creation of personal health record
  • Physical exam and management planning with doctor (30 minutes each)
  • Snack and lunch break while rotating for doctor consultation
  • 214:00 - 15:30 : Getting to know each other 
  • 315:30 - 16:30 Briefing. Plant-based, whole food 
  • 416:30 - 17:30 : Tea break & Workshop: Shopping wisely
  • 517:30 - 18:00 : Garden tour 
  • 619:00 - 20:00 : Dinner and peer support group activity 
  • 106:30 - 07:30 Aerobic exercise and One milk walk test
  • 207:30 - 09:00 : Breakfast and personal time 
  • 309:00 - 10:00 : Self management for heart disease
  • 410:00 - 10:30 :  Blood pressure measurement
  • 510:30 - 10:45 : Tea break
  • 610:45 - 11:30 : Self management for hypertension
  • 711:30 - 13:00 : Plant-based, no oil cooking class
  • 813:00 - 14:00 : Weight loss
  • 914:00 - 15:00 : Self management for diabetese
  • 1015:00 - 15:15 : Tea break
  • 1115:15 - 16:30 : Muscle relaxation
  • 1216:30 - 17:30 : Strength training
  • 1318:30 - 20:00 :  Dinner and peer support group activity
  • 106:30 - 07:30 : Mindfulness movement exercise (Tai Chi)
  • 207:30 - 09:00 : Breakfast and personal time
  • 309:00 - 10:30 : Self Management (SM) 
  • 410:30 - 12:00 : Tea break
  • 512:00 - 13:00 : Lunch 
  • 613:00 - 13:45 : AED and CPR Training 
  • 713:45 - 14:15 : Peer support group meeting 
  • 814:15 - 16:00 : Self management seminar 
  • 916:00 : Finish camp & Check out

Remark: Time table and activities may be changed properly without upfront notice


Registration and payment method
*This price is all included accommodation, food and basic facilities at the center

** Compulsory twin sharing

*** Patients can request to stay single with extra pay 1,000 Baht on site

**** The rate for caregiver is 15,000 Baht/Person and no extra pay for additional bed

***** Stay upfront, extra pay is 2,000 Baht/Room/Night

****** Please acknowledge that thepayment is non-refundable.  In case patients cannot attend the program, 14 days upfront announcement is necessary. Patients are allowed to postpone their program to the next without expiration

******* The program has been set minimum no. of bookings. In case less of that amount, it will be automatically postponed to the next with 10 days upfront announcement

******** Patients are required to pay a one-year subscription fee of 25,000 Baht per person including first camp, second camp and follow-up within one year


Our  Reverse Disease By Yourself program will be held at the Wellness We Care Center. Located in Muak Lek Valley, the center offers a range of services to boost holistic living. As a participant, you can travel by your own car or van to Muak Lek.

If you are taking the Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS):

Get off at Mo Chit Station From Mo Chit station, take a bus or taxi to Mo Chit 2 bus terminal or Muak Lek railway station If you are traveling by van or train: You can take a taxi from Mauk Lek market to our center

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