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Sant Chaiyodsilp MD (FCTS, FRCST, FRCFMT) is the Senior Consultant and Specialist at Check-up Center, Phyathai 2 Hospital and Chief Wellness Coach at Mega. The heart surgeon turned family physician promotes the idea that heart disease can be reversed with a plant-based whole food diet. The body's ability to heal is greater than one might believe.

As a surgeon he has treated patients in Greenland Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand and Saraburi Regional Hospital, Saraburi, Thailand, before joining Rachavithi Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand in 1993. He served as the Director of Phyathai Heart Center, Phyathai 2 Hospital, Bangkok in 1999 and became the Executive Director at the same hospital in 2002. He was the Director and Executive Director at Kasemrad Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand.

Currently he is the President of The Thai Resuscitation Foundation, and Council Member of The Thai Resuscitation Foundation (Thai Heart Association). As the wellness coach, he guides people to reverse their heart diseases with the help of a plant-based diet, exercise, stress management and evidence-based medicine. His own life journey became the inspiration in his noteworthy career. Dr. Sant who was suffering from ischemic heart disease eschewed the surgeon’s scalpel and looked for alternative ways to heal himself.

He referred to research by Dr.Dean Ornish, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and Nathan Prittikin who all believed that heart disease could be reversed with lifestyle changes. As a result, he made a turnaround in his diet. He reduced animal product intake, stopped having carbonated drinks, cakes, and cookies. He increased whole fruit and vegetable intake, switched to brown rice and adopted a regular exercise regime. He says, "In less than a year, I became a new man with more energy. I quit all medications including statin and antihypertensives. Lastly I decided to change my career from being a heart surgeon to becoming a family physician, focusing on encouraging my patients to reverse their diseases by changing their lifestyle, in the way I have done.

Wellness We Care Center was born from his association with Mr. Vivek Dhawan who shared the same experience of lifestyle transformation. His signature courses entail muscle stretching, gardening, fitness regimes, de-stressing, and many such activities. Through knowledge, skill and, the right attitude, he believes that one can reverse or prevent heart diseases caused due to a poor lifestyle.