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Wellness We Care started with the aim of providing alternative and holistic healthcare. With the rise in chronic diseases, we studied that medical treatment acts as a mere, often ineffective, process to curb these ailments. We analysed research by medical experts to look for a better method to control and prevent chronic ailments. We found the most effective solution in a balanced lifestyle which includes plant-based whole foods, exercise, and mindful thinking. We strongly believe in using food as medicine and lay an emphasis on this subject in the programs conducted at the center.

Wellness We Care – Lifestyle Modification for Disease Prevention

At Wellness We Care, we guide you to manage your health by yourself, including control and prevention of chronic diseases using scientifically proven methods. Nestled in the natural beauty of Muak Lek, Thailand, the Wellness We Care Center offers various health programs. The centre offers accommodation and is equipped with amenities such as the Grove House, organic farm, farm shop, Education hall, and the Pranna Restaurant. With a team of dedicated holistic medicine practitioners, we provide you with the best healthcare solutions, using scientific methods.