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Chronic conditions such as Heart disease, High cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, stroke are showing worrying trends, not only because they already affect a large proportion of the population, but also because they have started to appear earlier in life. Southeast Asia faces an epidemic of chronic non-communicable diseases, now responsible for 60% of deaths in the region.

Most people who are suffering from chronic disease are on a path towards gradual increase in dose of medication and worsening of complications in spite of all the conventional medical care.

Medical research has proven that poor lifestyle choices, such as smoking, overuse of alcohol, poor diet, and lack of physical activity and inadequate relief of chronic stress are key contributors in the development and progression of chronic disease.

Scientific evidence indicates that our diet is the number one cause of premature death and number one cause of disability from chronic diseases

Here, we aim to share the science behind, Awareness being the first step towards change, we provide you with the knowledge and skills required to help you control your health.

Discover holistic well-being at Wellness We Care. Motivate yourself to shift to a healthy lifestyle. Find out how plant-based whole food, exercise, stress management, and support groups could help you reverse disease and turn the clock backward.


Having helped patients and the participants of his health course for several years Dr. Sant realized that inspiration is the most important factor. Though, inspiration is an individual matter there are also some proven methods that give successful outcome. These methods are explained with examples in decreasing order or effectiveness

Plant Based Whole Food

A plant based whole food diet is a diet based on foods derived from plants including tubers, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, beans, and fruits but with no animal (including milk) and poultry products(eggs).

Whole foods are foods in their natural form that are unprocessed and unrefined before being consumed.  Examples of whole foods include unpolished grains, beans, fruits, vegetables.

Understand Plant Based Whole Food (PBWF) concept and its health benefits.

Stress Management

Stress is a psychological and physiological response to external stimulant to get ready to fight or get away actively. Various aspects of stress management techniques using mindfulness meditation are elaborated here



Exercise is key to good health. It aims to maintain or enhance our physical fitness and general health. 

We all know that exercise is essential for good health, however, to start a suitable exercise plan it would help to understand various aspect of exercise such as results of scientific research done on exercise, standard of exercise as well as types of exercise such as aerobic exercise, strength training and balancing, and also to learn about exercise safety

Support Group

A group of people who face the same problem, such as suffering from the same disease or having a family member with intellectual or developmental disabilities, etc. come together and create a group to solve their problems with support.

It is different from group therapy in which some patients with common disease are grouped to solve problems related to that specific common disease, under supervision from health care professionals such as physician, nurse, psychologist, or social worker who motivates or supervises all activities in order to solve or ease or treat members’ disease in the group.

Understanding Research

Understanding Research

Understanding Research

How to  use Scientific evidence? How much we can trust the information on internet?

Understanding Research

Scientific Research

There are strong scientific pieces of evidence to support benefits of plant-based whole food diet in prevention and reversal of chronic disease.

There are many interesting large studies which tell us about the effect of the food we eat on our health.