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Wellness We Care offers variety of programs for lifestyle diseases. Our scientific methods can help people prevent and reverse their diseases.

Our wellness programs are planned with the objective of helping people take control of their health. The programs are aimed at people with chronic diseases and those who are not yet sick and can take charge of their lifestyles.

The various programs offered at the center are designed along our philosophy of controlling and preventing chronic diseases with the help of dietary and lifestyle changes. By training people with the necessary skills and knowledge, we help them on their way to leading a healthy lifestyle.

Each of our programs focuses on a different aspect :

  • Good Health By Yourself – Educates people who are not ill to control and prevent chronic diseases by making lifestyle changes
  • Rejuvenation Retreat – Get away from crowded and stressful life of city and come to beautiful surroundings of nature to Rejuvenate and Refresh yourself. 
  • Plant Based Whole Food Cooking Class – learn and practice how to cook PBWF (Plant Based Whole Food) recipes without using oils in our daily life.
  • Spiritual retreat  Getting u away from working and hectic lifestyle by taking you through 4 days three nights stay at Wellness We Care Center.

With a team of expert health practitioners and excellent wellness center services, we train you to control the reins to your health, with the help of alterations in diet, regular exercise, and other lifestyle changes.

23 Jul
Rejuvenation Retreat

Our Rejuvenation Retreat is a 4 day, 3 nights training program at the Wellness Center....


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