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Learning plant based cooking can be a daunting task, especially if you're cooking for family or friends who do not like fruits and vegetables.. The key is in learning and telling everyone where food comes from, how it affects the body, and why Plant Based Whole foods are the best thing for us. 

Our 1 day PBWF cooking class is about learning and practicing cooking techniques and PBWF (Plant Based Whole Food) recipes without using oils in our daily life. You will learn the concepts and related scientific evidence for clear understanding how PBWF (Plant Based Whole Food) massively contribute to prevention and reversal of NCDs (Non-Communicable Diseases). You will also enjoy easy techniques in creating a variety of delicious dishes by your own. 

In addition, you will learn how to choose naturally sourced ingredients, how to use kitchenware and measuring equipment correctly under the guidance of Dr. Sant Chaiyodsilp and live demonstrations by our professional chef.    

Our program calender shows current and future programs that helps you choose a convenient date.